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Inspired by the golden age of steak meat imports in the 1980s, LA PLATINA pays tribute to the history and tradition of its founders.


With our award-winning own brand LA PLATINA, we obtain premium steak meat from selected slaughterhouses and cutting plants in South America according to set standards. LA PLATINA - the spirit and engine of our company reflects our demand for high quality meat products that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and meet the increasing demands of a modern and sustainable society.

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Beef La Platina

Premium Brand La Platina from South America: With a constantly high and controlled quality by determined weight and calibration standards, as well as permanent pH-value monitoring, we promise fresh, savory and pure steak experience.

Assortment Overview

South American Beef

We work in the standard sector with only selected partner companies from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasil, companies that fulfil our strict conditions. We distinguish between origin, cattle species and the production companies’ customization..

Assortment Overview

Grainfed Beef

Selected cattle species like Aberdeen Angus and Hereford receive a feed mixture of wheat, corn, hay and alfalfa between 120 and 180 days. This provides the meat with its unique marbling and a short filament structure.

Assortment Overview


Short delivery routes without loss of quality are two important pillars of our philosophy in terms of quality and safety, in addition to the species-appropriate husbandry of domestic cattle in accordance with European standards. Our product range includes all beef cuts.

The pieces can be cut and delivered according to customer requirements.

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Lamb from New Zealand: Clear water, juicy meadows and the fresh South Pacific wind - this is the untouched New Zealand environment.

Lamb from South England: The meat from the roughly 6 months old lambs is a special delicacy for gourmands.

Lamb from Spain: Those who love the stronger lamb taste are in best hands with the products from the Iberian peninsula.

Assortment Overview


Passion that connects. We can optimally adapt our poultry quality to the needs of our customers. Accordingly, we work together with selected slaughterhouses that meet our high quality requirements. Complete transparency, sustainability and responsibility underline our partnership.

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Iberico pork

IBERICO pigs live in pastured stone and cork oak forests on the flat tops of Andalusia and the Extremadura (Dehesa). In the summer, the animals live from wild herbs, wheat and grass. During the Montanera in autumn and winter, they add acorns to their diet. The animal keeping out in the open and the fattening with acorns give the meat a nutty aroma and a marbled look.

Assortment Overview


With selected and highly qualified EU partner companies, we guarantee for constant high premium quality. Species-appropriate handling of the animals from farmerly tradition, healthy and natural nourishment, as well as excellent butchering processes guarantee the high quality. The individual segments can be cut and shipped according to the customers’ wishes.

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Sow pork

Quality is always the top priority.

Our meat quality is no coincidence: from rearing and fattening according to strict specifications in selected companies to slaughtering under the strictest hygiene standards and delivery.

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Transmeat Nord.

We ensure transparency,

sustainability and responsibility.

La PlatinaLa Platina

Aged Beef

LA PLATINA steak is packaged in special Cryovac vaccum bags and ripens already during transportation from South America to Europe for at least 23 days.


Guaranteed quality

LA PLATINA is the guarantur for first-class quality beef from Argentina and promises assurance regarding origin and fineness.


Traceability Service

Traceability via smart phone to the troop/lot lists by entering the party number.


Trends come and go

La Platina stays!

La PlatinaLa Platina

LA PLATINA heart of rump

The heart of the rump (without tail and cap of rump)delivers tender and nearly fat-free steak from the leg.

RUMP 1,8-2,8 kg

LA PLATINA quality seal

The stamp is only received by the best meat types that fulfil the standards set by LA PLATINA.



LA PLATINA Rib-Eye-Steak

The entrecôte steak, with its typical "grease drop", comes from the front piece of the animal’s back, the prime rib

RIB-EYE-STEAK 1,8-2,8 kg


Carton with QR code. Comfortable traceability to the individual troop/lot lists via smart phone.




La Platina.

In harmony with nature.

Wet aged beef.

La PlatinaLa Platina

In harmony with nature| La Platina


LA PLATINA is the guarantor for first-class quality steak from South America and promises assurance regarding origin and fineness. With a constantly high and controlled quality by determined weight and calibration standards, as well as permanent pH-value monitoring, we promise fresh, savory and pure steak experience. In faithful and partnerly cooperation with selected production and delivery companies we vouch for species-appropriate and natural breeding in harmony with nature, respectful and stress-free butchering and absolute transparency in each step of production. NATURAL AND UNCOMPROMISED STEAK EXPERIENCE.

The perfect LA PLATINA begins with the purchase. More precisely: with the selection of the meat’s quality. Outstanding meat is tender, juicy and tasty, and the premise for this is that the genes, origin, breeding, feeding, butchering and riping processes are correct. This is why we only process one-purpose cattle, pure beef cattle species like Aberdeen Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn or their crossbreeds, who grow up on the natural meadows out in Argentina’s wide open. There they enjoy fresh grass and herbs as well as excellent water quality all year in the wild. We use no hormones or antibiotics in general at all. The result is meat full of taste with consistent marbling spread in the muscle tissue.

Ripe for the future - Wet Aged| La Platina


LA PLATINA beef is packaged in special Cryovac vaccum bags and ripens already during transportation from South America to Europe for at least 23 days. In professional circles this is known as "wet-aged". Enzymes break the albumin structures in the meat and make it tender. LA PLATINA beef aged without any loss of weight worth mentioning and with an extremely small fat percentage.<


DLG award| La Platina Gold awardedimg/DLG_2020.jpg


DLG Medal every year since 2018. A DLG gold award is given to products that meet all test criteria without objection. The test methods of the DLG are based on current scientific knowledge in the quality assurance of food.

La Platina.

Steak tips for the right bite.

Preparation recommendations.

La PlatinaLa Platina

Steak tips for the right bite

  • Bring steak to room temperature before frying or grilling, preventing it from meat juice loss.
  • Dab the steak with kitchen paper (do not wash), preventing spurting in the pan.
  • Only fry steak with strongly heatable fats like canola oil or clarified butter.
  • Put steak in pan only when the oil is hot enough.
  • Cut notches into the overlying fat rim of striploin, also known as roast beef, in 2-3 centimeter intervals. This prevents the steak from curve when heated.
  • Turn steak only with spatula or meat tongs - this preserves the aromatic meat juice.
  • Only turn steak when it is able to be removed from pan base or grill.
  • Add salt and pepper only after turning or before serving, this prevents unnecessary meat juice emission.
  • Give the steak a moment to marinade after frying or grilling. This relaxes the meat and enables its juice to re-spread within.

Thawing recommendation

Maintaining the cold chain and slow thawing is of fundamental importance, as a rapid change in temperature would break the cells in the muscle tissue. This leads to water loss and significantly reduces the quality of the steak meat. Thawing should therefore take place slowly and gradually in the original packaging at a temperature between 2 ° C and 7 ° C in the refrigerator. After thawing, the meat should not be frozen again.

Cut the heart of rump correctly


Salsa tip Chimichurri

2 tbsp. ground chilli
2 tbsp. dried oregano
1 bunch of fresh parsley
3 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp. paprika powder
Salt, pepper
120 ml sunflower oil

Wash and dry the fresh parsley well. Chip the parsley nice and small with the peeled garlic on a cutting board using a sharp knife. Put in a bowl and mix with the rest of the ingredients, then seal in a glass jar with a lid. Keep in a fridge for 24 hours before further use.
General rule: the longer the sauce mellows, the better it tastes. The oil helps conserve the salsa and makes it effortlessly last a month longer in the fridge.


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